Toys and games

Our restaurant puts at your disposal all the equipment for the entertainment of your kids.

An outdoor playground, under the shade of the palms of our garden, equipped with: 

  • a slide
  • a seesaw
  • ropes to climb
  • spring games in wood
  • table soccer
  • ping pong
  • giant chess and checkers


A playroom for younger ones, with

  • costruction blocks, a toy train, a doll house in wood
  • a blackboard and paper to draw on
  • TV with cartoons
  • fairytale books


and for older ones

  • XBOX with kinect control system


In addition our hall is part of the Mediaset Premium Club, and it offers you a private tv room with the possibilty to see football games of the Series A, of the Champion League and of the European League.

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